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Top 5 ARK Server Mods

Last updated: May 7, 2022

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To date I have tested 24 different providers to see who can really deliver the best ARK Server Hosting.

If you’re still playing ARK in 2020 and you’re looking for some new mods to download for your server, here are my top 5 server mod suggestions.

I have tried to offer a nice mix of mods and have included maps, skins and game modes.

If you also play the similar game Conan Exiles then I have also put together the best mod list for that title too.

My Top 5 ARK Server Mods List

Please keep in mind that these are my top 5 for 2020 based on the mods I use on my private server. However, I will be adding a few honorable mentions below the list as it was difficult to decide my top 5.

Please Note: You will need to have your own server set up in order to download and install these mods. You will either need to host one locally on your own PC or rent one from a dedicated third-party server hosting company. If you would like more information on setting up a server see my “Server Setup Guide. Alternatively, check out my Choosing an ARK server hosting Provider if you would like to rent your own private server.

1. Steampunk Mod

ARK Steampunk Mod

If you’re a fan of the Steampunk genre this first mod is perfect for you. The mod re-skins loads of different elements within your server including the dinosaurs, building, machinery, weapons and tools in the game.

The plugin also adds some fantastic Steampunk-themed schematics including a Mech Rhino, Tesla Coils, Coil Teleporters, Submarine and even a Steampunk Airship.

The creator “iSPEZZ” has done a fantastic job with this mod and continues to develop more mods for ARK.

2. Jurassic ARK

Jurassic ARK Mod

Did you ever play the original Jurassic Park game in 2010 that allowed you to build your own dinosaur theme park?

If you missed out, you can recreate the experience with the Jurassic ARK mod.

This mod adds fences gates and more as you will need to combine your resources and captured dinosaurs to make your own dino park.

3. Eco’s RP Decor

Eco’s RP Decor Mod

Are you disappointed at the small number of decor items available in ARK? If so, you can easily address this with the “Eco’s RP Decor” mod.

It adds over a hundred new items including over 30 types of beds varying in color, dinosaur wall mounts, war flags, 15 rug types, bathtubs and more.

With so many choices you will finally be able to create your perfect base with your own flair.

All decor items can be picked up and have their own HP allocation which means they can break like normal items but will return back to the resources you used to create it.

There is also a Garden Decor set by the same modder.

4. Pokemon Evolved 1.78

Pokemon Evolved Mod

It’s no wonder Pokemon eventually added a mod for ARK. Most games that are moddable tend to have a Pokemon reference thrown in somewhere but with “Pokemon Evolved” you get a fully open world in which you have the ability to catch over 150 Pokemon creatures.

All dinosaurs are replaced and in-game items are switched over to Pokemon-related alternatives

You will find the classic starter Pokemon, as well as some legendary and even Mewtwo who you can battle in special matches.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon this is definitely a mod you want to try.

Please Note: That developers are still actively working on the mod so it is likely to change in the future.

5. Olympus

ARK Olympus Mod

Mod creator “rougewolf91” wanted to create a map that had a sci-fi feel to it. By blending the nature of the original maps and adding in machine aesthetics the Olympus mod started to take on a very futuristic feel.

The map was designed to look like a great civilization once ruled the island but was wiped out many years ago leaving behind secrets to explore.

With a map nearly 1.5 times bigger than the original island map this mod gives players a new location to roam.

If you haven’t played this mod you are missing it, as in my opinion, it is one of the best complete map mods available on the workshop.

Please Note: That developers have stated that the overall build is 85% complete as of August 2020. The game is 100% playable but more content will be added in the future to finish the project.

Honorable Mentions

Here is a list of the other mods that I consider placing in my top 5. They are all excellent in their own way and are great additions to any server.

  • Ultra Stacks – Increase your inventory stack with this mod. Some items will stack up to a max of 5,000.
  • Play as Dino – Switch from a human to a dinosaur. Play as a dinosaur and explore the world on four legs.
  • Pimp My Dino – Completely change the appearance of your dinosaur. New armor sets are included with this mod.
  • Stargate Worlds – Place Stargate’s in your ARK world so you can quickly teleport around the map.
  • Castle, Keeps and Fortresses – This mod adds new blocks and building materials so you can create medieval fortresses and castles.
  • ARK Additions: The Collection – Add more creatures to your server.

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