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Promoting Your ARK Server

Last updated: June 25, 2022

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To date I have tested 24 different providers to see who can really deliver the best ARK Server Hosting.

Generating players for your ARK: Survival Evolved server can be a long and difficult process if you do not promote it correctly!

Promoting your server (which you may have found using my awesome guide) will mean more growth at a quicker rate and an abundance of new players so is definitely worth putting the effort in.

My ARK Server Promotion Tips

Here are my tips on different promoting techniques that you can use, there is nothing worse than having a server that is empty.

Invite players on your friend’s list

A really simple way to promote your server is to let all your friends know that you have just recently set one up.

ARK Friends List

You can use Steam Chat to invite them or use a social media platform that other players can see and also join by recommending to their friends.

This is a great way to get new players onto your server and is usually an instant result.

Your friends will all be able to play on the same server which will make it appealing to them to join.

Creating a community website

If you have former knowledge or experience in building websites, then I would highly recommend using this skill as a tool in promoting your server.

Servers that are successful and are popular will always have a website or at least a community page.

This provides one destination for all your community to come to where they can discuss and communicate all relevant topics and opinions on the server content.

Enjin on Facebook

If you are unable however to build your own website yourself, then I would suggest using a website builder like “SquareSpace” or “Wix” these are really simple sites to help you build a website from scratch and will usually provide a free trial when you first sign up!

They will have a layout to fit all your needs and a pre-made design that suits promoting your server.

Having your own website dedicated to your server will attract new players and linking it in server posts and through advertisements will generate more views bringing them to your server!

Google advertising

Google Ads are a highly searched and used tool by players searching for servers to join for that reason using Google Ads to promote your server is a no-brainer.

To use Google ads you will need your own established server website and a source of money to fund the advertising.

Google Ads Home

At the moment there, unfortunately, isn’t a free option but I feel it is worth investing in this method to be successful.

I am suggesting this more to server owners who have already attracted a large community and who are trying to monetize their server.

Creating promotional material

Creating promotional material is a brilliant way to showcase your information in a way that will attract new players in.

Some examples of these are:


Creating videos to showcase your server on social media and websites will draw the attention of players that are stimulated more by visuals.

It is a super-easy way to show a player why to join your server through a well-thought-out and creative video.

ARK on YouTube

Platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are the perfect place to host your video.


Get some great in-action screenshots of your server, including dinosaurs, clan wars, base builds and other impressive designs that will catch the eye of your targeted player audience.

You could even use this as a competition and get current members to upload their best screenshots to win a small prize.

This is a great free way of building up your content and creating a rapport amongst your community.

Custom imagery

If you are a creative individual and know how to edit images on Photoshop or Gimp software for example, then creating your own branding for your server can be highly effective.

I would create a logo, server banners and images that you have edited to make your server look professional.

Myself as a player looking for a server I always get drawn to well-developed and highly active servers that look crisp and professionally maintained.

To stand out from the many many server hosts you have to put in effort into making the server look creative, vivid colors and eye-catching.

Of course, this will take time to build your imagery and content but it will be worthwhile when you see the traffic building to your server and you build a large community.


One of the most important aspects of owning and running a server is promoting it.

The promoting tools above are a variety of ways to get you started on your journey and will provide you with a base to go from.

Once you have built up a website and some creative promotional material you can start posting these images, videos and content on websites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Steam Community Forums and ARK-related websites.

All this hard work will bring in a great number of new players and you will be so happy that you put in the effort!

My Hosting Review Process:

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3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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