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Finding an ARK: Survival Evolved Tribe

Last updated: May 7, 2022

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If you’re going to stand any chance of surviving on the ARK island you will need to find some allies to help you defend against enemies and dinosaurs alike.

Finding new tribe members on a server can often be difficult if you turn up to the game late or you join an empty server.

ARK Tribes Wiki

If you’re serious about starting your own tribe you should advertise your tribe both in-game and online in order to speed up the recruitment process.

Here are a few ways to help you find more tribe members.

Community Forums & Websites

A brilliant free way of finding new players is through community forums.

On various forums, there will be a dedicated thread in which players can post listings that talk about their tribe and why other players should join it.

Posting on threads is free to do and all you will require is an account on the site you are posting on.

If you want to advertise your tribe you should include the following:

  • Tribe Name
  • What server the Tribe is on
  • PVP or PVE world
  • Current players
  • Tribe Capacity
  • Rewards or joining packages
  • Player minimum or maximum conditions
  • Experience of Tribe
  • Schedule of Tribe
  • Overall Description

Once you have posted your advert on some of the community forums such as Steam Community and Reddit you should also consider looking for dedicated ARK websites of fan sites that also have threads where you can search for players.

There are loads of ARK websites, but here are just a few that you could start with:

Join Plenty of Servers

Servers are the ultimate spot to find other players that love ARK!

ARK Server List

I have met lots of friends purely by playing the game on different servers and if you have the equipment to allow you to chat i.e a microphone and headset then you will make friends in no time.

Finding new servers

It’s easy to find new ARK servers to join that are full of other players, try these techniques out:

1. Community server lists

You can easily find servers by searching on Google for “ark servers” listing websites. These can be independent websites or community pages.

Server owners can post information and advertisement about their server on these listing platforms showing you what you can expect from them.

2. Website server lists

The internet is full of server lists for you to search. These sites provide a number of players-controlled servers and their location worldwide, most of them will have an indication of how good the server is through a vote percentage used by the server players.

I would aim to find a server located in your country so it will have players that speak the same language as you and should be online at the same time due to the time zones being the same.

Get Your Friends To Download The Game

If you have friends who haven’t tried playing ARK yet I would try and persuade them to download it and try it out.

Although it isn’t free I would always recommend keeping an eye out on Steam and check the sale section as it could be on offer and they can download it at a lower cost.

The summer and Christmas sale is always a great place to get a large discount on ARK, so you may want to consider purchasing it for your friends to join them in on the fun.

Once you have gifted them the game make sure you mention you already have an established server set up and send them all the details and provide instructions on how to join.

Join An Established Tribe

If you’re new to playing ARK then I would suggest joining an already established tribe.

When first starting off, finding players for an ARK tribe can be tricky if you are new to the game yourself.

ARK Tribe

Usually, more experienced gamers want to play with the same level players as themselves however you can find existing groups that are very inviting to new players and will happily let you join and become your friend.

You will be able to pick up on different skills within the game by watching your fellow players in-game.

You can find these groups usually advertising on community forums, servers and social media and are always looking for new players to join them.

Using Social Media

Social media is a fast and effective way of finding a tribe in ARK.

There are many platforms that you can search for information and connections on gathering your tribe together.

The platforms I have used in the past are:


YouTube allows you to find hundreds of videos on ARK gameplay.

It shows you tutorials, real-time gameplay and also lets you interact in the comments with other players from all over the world.

YouTube ARK Survival Evolved

Try communicating with people in the comments section to find a tribe you can join or any links to community forums dedicated to ARK

If you have already set up your own server be sure to post your own listing within the comments to get traffic to your server.


Twitch has rapidly gained popularity in recent years and is a great way to find an ARK-related community that could potentially lead to players joining your server.

If you have a Twitch account you could try streaming on your ARK server on a daily basis to build up a fan following.

ARK on Twitch

It may be a slow process to gain followers however with enough time and dedication you can convert your audience to your own tribe members!

Just make sure to continue promoting your server during the stream as viewers will sporadically enter in and out of the stream.


Facebook is a large platform with people connecting from all over the world making it a hot spot for players to discuss ARK-related topics including Mods, DLC, updates, patches and private servers.

ARK on Facebook

There are many community groups within Facebook that come together to discuss their passion for the game and provide a place to make new friends and share their tribes.

If the group allows you, then I would post on their wall that you are looking for players to join your tribe or alternatively you can find plenty of other server posts for you to join yourself.


With so many ways to find a tribe, it shouldn’t take you long to find a brand new group of friends that you can explore the ARK universe with.

All the above methods can be used for both promoting your server to new players and for players looking to join a tribe.

To summarise these are the areas you should consider when searching for a tribe:

  • Post on community forums and websites.
  • Use social media including Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.
  • Join lots of servers via server listing sites.
  • Invite your friend to join your tribe.
  • Join an already established tribe.

If you want to create your own tribe on your own server you will however first need to set up your own server.

If you haven’t yet got one I would suggest reading my “Choosing an ARK server hosting provider” article for more information.

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 24 popular ARK Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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