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DLC For ARK: Survival Evolved

Last updated: May 7, 2022

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The standard ARK: Survival Evolved game came out in mid-2015 with a huge audience ready to move from other craft and survive titles like Reign of Kings.

The game had a lot of interest before it was even released with teaser trailers pushing gamers to the edges of their seats in anticipation.


Although the game was ahead of its time, with features that put it well ahead of other craft and survive games the developers further enhanced the game with DLC.

DLC stands for downloadable content, which basically means the developers have produced more content for the game that isn’t included in the normal update procedure.

ARK Dodo

So if you are a fan of the game and want to access more of this content you have to reach for your wallets.

This system works great for both gamers and publishers, it allows the game to continue making money to fund its development from the active playing community.

If you don’t play the game anymore you don’t buy the DLC – win-win!

DLC can come in different forms, sometimes it’s as simple as a new skin for your player (think Fortnite) but with ARK the developers tend to give us a lot more.

When ARK releases DLC for the game it becomes available on the Steam store, in the form of large packs with a new map, dinosaurs and items to add a whole new direction to the game.

The DLC released for ARK so far…

So far as of 2020, there have been 3 premium titles released on Steam with 5 free ones.

Ragnarok (Free)

ARK Ragnarok

Ragnarok is a free new map that was added to the game in Jun 2017 to cure the boredom caused by the game being released with only 1 originally.

Along with the new map, players were also excited to see a host of new creatures added to the game along with natural disasters that hadn’t been seen before, such as beaver dams.

Scorched Earth (Premium)

ARK Scorched Earth Building

In September 2017, just over a year after the launch of the base game, Studio Wildcard released the first DLC for the game, called Scorched Earth.

Although a lot of the players from the original game felt it should be free, the DLC was pretty well received among the community.

The biggest addition to the game that Scorched Earth brought was a whole new map, with new biomes and hazards to avoid.

A dozen (12) new creatures were also added to the game that you could hunt and/or tame, along with a new boss to battle.

The new map is desert-themed with a distinct lack of water that requires the player to find new sources to quench their thirst.

Aberration (Premium)

ARK Aberration Cave

Just over a year after the release of Scorched Earth, in December 2018, came Aberration for ARK.

Aberration added a dark new world for players to explore with loads of new hazards and ways of dying to make the game that bit more difficult.

The world saw players forced to live mainly underground, bringing new challenges to the ways people would be able to survive.

Only 2 new dinosaurs were added with this DLC, the Nameless and the Reaper.

Aberration really focused its efforts on the map and environmental hazards rather than new creatures.

Extinction (Premium)

ARK Extinction Tower

In late 2018 the ARK community saw the release of Extinction, a robotic creature-themed extension for the game.

In Extinction, you have a new range of creatures to worry about, non-organic ones built from a strange material called Element.

Interestingly, the map is set on Earth rather than mystical other planets like the previous extensions released – although the landscape is post-apocalyptic.

Genesis Part 1 & 2 (Premium)

ARK Genesis Fishing

In an attempt to give ARK players more things to do while they play Studio Wildcard released Genesis in 2 parts.

This extension for the game added mini-maps and tasks for the player to complete.

The community doesn’t seem to have taken to this addition so well, maybe it wasn’t needed?

Both parts were released in 2020.

Valguero (Free)

ARK Valguero Flying

Released in June 2019, Valguero adds a whole new map to the game along with a few other interesting features.

Contrary to previous releases, the extension actually adds some pleasant sights to see such as shooting stars and rainbows!

A new creature was also added, the Deinonychus is a pack animal that is exceptionally hard to kill when in groups.

Crystal Isles (Free)

ARK Crystal Isles

An official extension for the game released in Jun 2020, Crystal Isles was a welcome sight in the first lock-down that many experienced across the world.

The bulk of this add-on was a huge map made up of clusters of smaller islands that were constantly plunged into darkness.

The game was also extended with beehives and bogs full of rotting corpses.

Game Hosting Companies & ARK DLC

If you play ARK with one of the DLC upgrades mentioned above and you want to rent a server for it then it’s worth double-checking before you order.

Just because a company offers ARK server hosting you can’t assume that they provide the files for any of the DLC versions.

The DLC versions require a different set of files added to make sure that they are able to run.

You could ask the provider you are thinking of renting a server from if they can manually add the files but that could take time to do.

Ensuring that a game hosting company has the extension packs ready on a 1 click basis or during the initial install is a good idea.

I have checked the following companies to make sure that they cater for the extension DLC packs:

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 24 popular ARK Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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